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Welcome to the Soul Rhythm Podcast, a place for you to get out of your box and into your soul, so you can feel inspired and empowered to live that soul-lit life that you’ve deserved all along. 

I strongly believe that when we trust ourselves, take the soul-guided path and uncover our inner magic, we elevate our frequency, which in turn elevates the frequency of our world. 

Are you ready to start living to the rhythm of your soul? 

In this podcast, you’ll get a blend of inspiring excerpts and soul-guided magical messages from yours truly,  to uplift and ignite your soul, so you can fire that inner critic and finally own those whispers and deep desires to be and do more! 

Because you are so worthy of it! 




Carla Marconi

Holistic Business Coach || Mindset and NLP Expert

Breathwork and Yoga Facilitator || Hypnotherapist.

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