Self-Leadership Coaching for Moms 

A mind, body and soul approach to mastering your mindset so you can feel like yourself again and self-lead yourself into your best life yet >>> Building confidence, using your power of choice, setting boundaries, staying accountable with yourself, connecting with and trusting your intuition, finding inner peace, and upgrading your beliefs and who you perceive yourself to be, so you can achieve what you desire. We use a unique blend of NLP* Coaching, Breathwork and Hypnosis to help you feel confident, grounded and in charge. 

When your beliefs and who you perceive yourself to be match your desired life, you begin to swim downstream and create that life with more ease. Are you ready?


What others are saying... 

"Working with Carla was a game changer for me. She taught me the value of slowing down and doing things that align with my vision. She has also helped me realize that I am enough and that I have everything that I need right here, inside me (empowering me was a huge part of our work together). Her patience, energy and positivity always shines through even when things were rough and I thank her for that." Irene Zajac

"[Carla] helped me overcome myself to create space for my fullest potential. Working with Carla changed my life, and allowed me to breathe life into my mission and vision." - Cierra Dae

"[During my time with Carla], I was able to recognize the limiting beliefs that were standing in my way, and decreasing my sense of value on a subconscious level. - Vianka


This is for you if...

  • You have lost yourself within motherhood and want to feel confident in your own skin again. 

  •  You are done with Mom Guilt and want to find a balance between doing things for yourself and being there for your family. 

  •  You want to release the pressure of your never ending to do list and are ready to feel productive, accomplished and in charge of your home and life. 

  •  You know you are powerful, yet you have BS thoughts on loop that keep telling you otherwise and you are ready to release them and embrace your Unique Inner Magic. 

  •  You want to connect deeper with your intuition and allow it to guide you as a parent and individual. 

  •  You are ready to put in the work and trust that your efforts are fully supported.

  •  You know you are ready for big things, yet you keep shying away, and know you need to be held accountable.

  •  You want to be in your fully embodied Badassery right now and that’s why you need this coaching program!

I’m ready now!

What you receive:

  • Weekly 60 minute 1:1 calls uniquely tailored to you, delivered with a concoction of powerful modalities // NLP*, Breathwork, Meditation and Hypnotherapy // you will be held, you will be challenged and you will be celebrated to expand into the embodied badass mom you have been all along. 
  • A cheerleader & sounding board in your back pocket, so you are supported in real time as you are implementing // Daily weekday Voxer access. 
  • Access to Magnetic Leadership Course >>> A Program focused on helping you strengthen your intuition and [re]awaken your inner badass, so you can take fearless action and attract the results you want.
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